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‘Xero Degrees’ is a registered trademark of Karan Makan. Xero Degrees Private Limited is the parent firm.

With these sub-Brands in the bag, ‘Xero Degree’ and ‘Xero Courtyard’ are guaranteed to work their magic right away.

The parent business is solely responsible for franchise expansion. Every other entity that represents or depicts itself as the same is entirely incorrect.xero degrees

Xero Degree is your new destination for mouth-watering and mind-blowing cuisine, with many locations opening soon across India. What is the story behind one of India’s most popular public restaurant brands? Franchise and corporate team members who are competitive and imaginative. People may join for a variety of reasons, but what keeps them coming back are thefrench fries enthusiastic and skilled colleagues that want Xero Degree to be the top F&B Brand in every area. And we’re having a good time doing it! We’re devoted to our consumers and focused on making amazing food and more in marketplaces across India, whether we’re introducing exciting new menu items or not. Since the business Xero Degrees was created in 2017, a lot has transpired, but the best thing is that the brand is only getting started.

Mr. Karan Makan is the registered trademark owner and the parent company is Xero Degrees Private Ltd.

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