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Founder of xero degrees

Karan Makan

(Founder of Xero Degrees Private Limited)

Xero Degrees Private Limited 

Karan Makan has been playing a pivotal role in the expansion of Xero Degrees the trademarks are still under his name. With locations across India, Xero Degrees is a new destination for mouth-watering and fantastic dining. Xero Degrees will make you hungry even more with its Indianized American food. Enjoy expertly crafted hot recipes for spicy fries, cheese pizza slices, sour drinks and more in a warm and inviting atmosphere created by Xero’s stunning interiors and décor. Xero Degrees isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of life to a “world full of happiness”.

Frankart Global Private Limited

Karan Makan was instrumental in the growth of Frankart Global Private Limited. Frankart Global is India’s leading franchising solutions company, providing the best franchising options to investors in a variety of industries. To provide investors with the safest investment options with high ROI, the company provides real estate services, financial services, legal advice, preparatory assistance, and market analysis and streamlines the execution process by making it hassle-free for clients while travelling the world of the franchise.


Karan Makan has been playing an important role in the expansion of Cremeborne Private Limited. Cremeborne is a company and brand that
enables us to reach our full potential through a customer-centric approach and rigorous pursuit of the highest food quality. We invite you to a dessert offering over 50 international flavours of ice cream, black cones and sweet and savoury churros at relatively affordable prices. 
If you think you have the drive for
excellence and the energy that aligns with that attitude and would like to build your business around a very strong brand.

Fraterniti Foods Private Limited

Karan Makan has been playing a valuable role in the expansion of Fraterniti Foods Private Limited. With over 20 years of market experience, we currently have over 30 strong emerging brands and expand our portfolio to over 20 locations. The company has experience in brand development and helps you according to different aspects such as site layout, site development, personnel management, operational support, supplier support, brand promotion, and branded products.

Fashion Private Limited

Karan Makan has been playing a significant
role in the growth of Indonine Fashion Private Limited. 
Indonine Fashion is a unique combination of vintage and new age. Our designs are a metaphorical reminder of the subtleties of nature that evoke innocence and authenticity. If you go to Indonine fashion, you can see that our outfits reflect Indofusion’s passion for aesthetic colours and design and her love for everything she wants. Indonine’s work culture is one of iinclusion, collaboration, high performance and opportunity.






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